Resolution of Citizen Recognition

Resolution of Citizen Recognition

Resolution of Citizen Recognition

WHEREAS, Greg Phillips is recognized by Lake Villa District #41 as a truly professional first-responder and a person who makes our school district and community a safer and better place to live and learn, and 

WHEREAS, Greg displays initiative, leadership, and dedication in his role with the Fire Prevention Bureau. Greg’s high proficiency on fire protection codes and fire prevention systems, as well as his detailed level of observation on all equipment components with our district, has made an immeasurable impact on the safety standards protecting the young children living in this area, and 

WHEREAS, Greg’s advice and involvement has resulted in substantial improvements to the district’s fire alarm panels, fire suppression systems, infrastructure, and improvement programs will undoubtedly increase safety within this community throughout future years, and 

WHEREAS, Greg exemplifies the virtues of good citizenship by being always available, quick to respond and eagerly willing to provide strong support and direction, both on and off duty. 

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education commends Greg Phillips for being a valuable community resource whose enthusiastic partnership with District 41 benefits children, teachers, and families, and 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Education bestows the Citizen Recognition Award for 2018 to Greg Phillips, an outstanding individual who utilizes his time and talents for the good of our students who have benefited most from his service and dedication. 

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